If you’re a physicist, mathematician or computer scientist and haven’t already seen MathOverflow then stop reading this post and go check it out. It is one of the best resources for research level math I have ever seen. It is absolutely shocking the speed and quality of responses to potentially very technical questions.

So, if you are still reading, I will presume you actually know the site. So why do I bring it up? Well, there is currently a proposal for a TheoryOverflow, aimed at Theoretical Computer Science, on the StackExchange site. Basically the way this works is that the people that produce the engine that powers the MathOverflow and StackOverflow websites are looking to produce similar sites in different areas. First an idea is proposed and fleshed out (Stage 1), once this is done it moves to a commitment stage where potential users are asked to commit to using the new site initially if it were made (Stage 2), either posting questions or answers. Finally it moves to a Beta (Stage 3). TheoryOverflow is currently in stage 2, and so needs support.

Rep, if you don’t know, is basically reputation, and so people who have contributed to other such sites carry more weight than users who haven’t. Different users have different amounts of rep depending on their level of contribution to StackOverflow and sister sites. Unfortunately more users seem to be necessary than usual, because most potential users committing to it seem to either be new or are coming from MathOverflow, and the StackExchange site doesn’t care about your MathOverflow rep (though it does about StackOverflow rep).

So basically, TheoryOverflow needs more support. If it turns out even a tiny fraction as useful as MathOverflow, then it will be a fantastic resource. So please help make it happen. You can sign up here.

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